Human Resource Information System

With individual employment & relevant document recording as well as employee progression record generated in a report form allows HR practitioners to make strategic HR decisions and keep complete employment records of existing and past employees.

Leave and Attendance Management

Integrated with Biometrics/Card/Face Read devices or web application, fully automated attendance & leave management features at RealHRsoft easily tracks employees' leave & attendance and provides real time reports on absenteeism, leaves, and primary data for payroll, appraisal and individual report.

Employee Communication

With different modalities of communication, it manages departmental and managerial notices, department to department, top management to individual and individual to individual notices for the clarity and preciseness of organizational communication. It helps in coordination and healthy working environment within and outside the organization.

Payroll Management

Fully incorporated payroll system at RealHRsoft assists HR practitioners in generating accurate salary and benefits details, along with tax, CIT, other payroll details and also generating payroll reportof an individual or the entire employees in an organization.

Recruitment & Selection

You can enjoy a comprehensive solution for automating the entire recruitment process for internal and external recruitments through e-Recruitment system at RealHRsoft. This module facilitates creating interview panels, selecting recruitment stages, short listing, scheduling interviews and recording all comments during interviews.

Task Management

Online task scheduling for your employees & subordinates is another key feature at RealHRsoft. With task management, you can delegate tasks, set up deadlines, watch progress, add reminders and rate the quality of their work after completion. This is an effective tool to track the KPIs of employees, evaluate the work load and timely adjust the disequilibrium. Report generated from task management can be directly linked with performance appraisal system.

Performance Management

An overview of employees' performance can be derived at one place using Performance Tracking & Recording System at RealHRsoft. The 360-degree along with the continuous feedback module of appraisal system gives a clear image of the each employee performance, department/unit progression, the supervisory pattern and peer-to-peer relation impacts.

Training & Development

Aligning with job specification, TNA and appraisal report, the training can be identified, conducted and track the effectiveness of/for each employee. The consolidated report can give a clear picture of time, money and effort invested to bring out the best in the people of an organisation. The continuous development practices of mentoring, coaching, counseling and continuous learning attempts can be recorded and tracked to help employees gain skills and experiences that will benefit their career as well as the leadership.

Rewards & Recognition

The great aspect of motivation in life and career is accumulated in RealHRsoft. The remarkable achievement can be widespread within the unit/department/organisation through the Employee Communication module and the appreciation activities can be recorded linking it to performance appraisal. Reward & recognition system allows you to tailor and align reward packages according to unique employee value propositions and ensure structure and consistency to reward packages with graphical structure reviews.

Grievance Handling

The control, corrective action, improvement approaches and the situation handling procedures can be recorded and retrieved in RealHRsoft. Grievance handling mechanism provides easy way of reporting grievances, complains and helps HR in taking necessary steps in addressing the grievances. It also keeps records of psychological aspects of each employees and their behavior in the system.

Analytical Reports & HR Surveys

RealHRsoft provides auto-generated dynamic reports of different HR activities from the different modules and gives an insight valuable information for the right decision to improve employee engagement and organizational growth and development. The periodic surveys with customizable questions sets and its automatic analytical reports help to get instant information and helps in making corrective action and HR decisions.

Notifications & Alerts

To keep one in the track of workflow concentration, various kinds of notification and alerts are generated and notified to the concerned team of HR Department to avoid the pending tasks and keep the HR activities alive and lively in the organization.

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With RealHRsoft Cloud, we host and setup the software site in the cloud. This cloud installation allows choice of industry specific HR module included in the package and charged on monthly-basis. It has additional features like software updates, live help, and information on national and global HR trends as well as practices. This is generally the best option for teams who want to get started quickly and easily, and for teams who don’t want to manage the technical complexity of hosting themselves.

With RealHRsoft Server, the client host software on their own server managing the server space and security. This method includes on-site encrypted installation, devices integration, customization as per need and on-site support. The cost is calculated on the basis of number of employee with additional fees for the customizations and annual maintenance as per the agreement. This is generally the best option for teams who want to manage all the details of the setup and don’t mind the additional complexity of hosting.

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