Attendance Management
Attendance module can be used with or without Biometrics/RFID-Card devices. Automated attendance of RealHRsoft easily tracks employees attendance and provides real time reports on absenteeism along with primary data for payroll, appraisal and individual attendance report.
Leave Management
Working in conjuction with attendance module, leave management features of RealHRsoft easily tracks employees leave and provides real time reports on leave along with primary data for payroll, appraisal and individual leave report.
Human Resource Management
RealHRsoft's HRIS module generates comprehensive employment report of employees, allowing HR to take strategic decisions and keeping track of present and past employee records.
“RealHRsoft - Complete HR Intelligence Technology Of HR by HR for HR”
Task Management
Using RealHRsoft Task module, employees can delegate tasks, set up deadlines, watch progress, reminders, add checklists and rate the quality of task after completion. This is an effective tool to track the KPIs of employees, evaluate the work load and adjust the in-equilibrium. Report generated from task management can be directly linked with performance appraisal system.
Payroll Management
The Payroll module of RealHRsoft assists HR in evaluating accurate salary and benefits details, PF, gratuity along with taxes. It generates payroll report of an individual or the entire employees in an organization.
“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”
Onboarding & Offboarding
Enjoy a comprehensive solution for automating internal and external recruitment. This module facilitates selecting recruitment stages, short listing, scheduling interviews, creating interview panels and recording all details for future reference.
Performance Appraisal
Performance Appraisal module enables HR to track and view employees performance with minimum hassle. The 360-degree appraisal scheme along with the continuous feedback system of Performance Appraisal module paints a clear picture of each employee's performance, department/unit progression, the supervisory pattern and peer-to-peer relation impacts. It integrates with most of the HR functions of RealHRsoft reflecting the mirror-image of each employee.
“Employees leave their boss -- not organization.”
Mobile Application
Using RealHRsoft's mobile application employee can punch in/punch out, apply for leave, work on their tasks in addition to browsing the latest happenings or posts of the organization.


Basic Package

Rs. 13,750

Upto 25 users / month

HRIS, Attendance, Leave, Task.

Custom organization domain.

Pro Package

Rs. 18,750

Upto 25 users / month

HRIS, Attendance, Payroll, Leave, Task.

Custom organization domain

Advanced permissions

Priority support

Premium Package

Rs. 23,750

Upto 25 users / month

HRIS, Attendance, Payroll, Leave, Task, Recruitment.

Custom organization domain.

Advanced Permissions

Priority Support

Admin Tools

More than 25 users

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To continue to grow, we had to ensure our business processes, including HR are smart, efficient and we got that with RealHRsoft. Using RealHRsoft we have been able to set up a user-friendly system that allows us to track attendance and leaves, streamline our monthly payroll process and reduce costs and paperwork.

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