All the Functions your HR Team needs, and more!
Attendance Management

Track employee attendance and view real time reports on absenteeism. Can be used with Biometrics or RFID Card devices.

Payroll Management

Evaluate accurate salary and benefits details, PF, gratuity along with taxes. Generates individual payroll reports, or even the entire organization.

Leave Management

Easily track employees' leaves, including paid leaves, sick leaves, compensatory leave etc. for payroll, appraisal, leave reports.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Automating internal and external recruitment processes, including recruitment, shortlisting, scheduling interviews, and recording details for future reference.

HR Intelligence

Generates comprehensive employment reports with our HRIS module, allowing HR Teams to take strategic decisions and keep track of past & present employee records.

Task Management

Delegate tasks, set up deadlines, view task progress, add checklists, and rate the quality of tasks after completion. An effective way to track KPIs, and evaluate workloads.

Performance Appraisal

Track & view employee performance with minimum hassle, with a 360-degree appraisal system. Get a clear picture of each employee's performance, department progression, supervisory patterns, and peer-to-peer relation impacts.

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To continue to grow, we had to ensure our business processes, including HR are smart, efficient and we got that with RealHRsoft. Using RealHRsoft we have been able to set up a user-friendly system that allows us to track attendance and leaves, streamline our monthly payroll process and reduce costs and paperwork.
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