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About RealHRsoft

RealHRsoft has been brought to you after three years of intensive research, professional interactions with HR experts developing different industry-related HR case studies and conducting various global trend analyses in human resources. It is blended with historic working patterns, present emerging HR practices and future working pattern prospects. Aayulogic P. Ltd, with a team of well experienced HR and IT practitioners, has launched this software after a complete quality check with real-time and real scenario testing in differentorganizations. Kantipur Publications, AJ Wild College, Premier Insurance, Navin Distributors and Himalayan General Insurance are few of the top clients using RealHRsoft.

Similarly, Aayulogic has been the key source of system enhancement and maintenance for meroJob.com, the leading jobsite of Nepal as well as Rojgari Pasal System with various branches throughout the country and monitored by a single system centrally. Customer Relation Management (CRM) software developed byAayulogic is soon to be launched in the market.

RealHRsoft is endorsed by Real Solutions P. Ltd, a leading and innovating human resource management consultancy established in 2002 and has highly experienced consultants with years of experience and direct involvement in the areas of human resource management and organizational development. It assists organizations of any kind and industries in addressing their key human capital issues and provides objective solutions. For more than a decade, Real Solutions has been providing its services to top clients like UN agencies, multinational companies, banks, corporate houses and much more.

Why Use RealHRsoft ?

As one of the best HR software in Nepal, RealHRsoft provides various benefits to different level of employees in an organization.

For HR Practitioners
(Top management, Supervisors, HR department)

  • Easily available useful Human Resources information
  • Helps in making proactive and effective HR decisions
  • Free HR professionals from HR administrative work
  • Able to move administrative HR into strategic HR
  • Streamline all HR processes into systematic HR System
  • Updated with Nepalese labor laws and practices
  • Stay updated through HR intelligence reports

For Department Heads

  • Easily availability of useful employee related information
  • Support in controlling, monitoring the employee’s activities
  • Helps to develop strategic plan for employee care and development
  • Can take action plan for career growth

For Employees

  • Reflections of own work activities and performance
  • Keep records of all personal and employment information
  • View earnings and benefits
  • Easily apply leaves and view pending, approved decisions
  • Self-awareness on attendance patterns
  • Clear performance expectations and development plans
  • Stay connected with organization’s activities
  • Get feedback and areas of improvement for growth and development